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Geriatric Fractures and Joint Replacements

Geriatric Fractures and Joint Replacements

Why should a physical therapist, or athletic trainer take this Geriatric Fractures and Joint Replacements course

Today’s seniors (the 65 and over population) continue to maintain an active lifestyle and they are being diagnosed with multiple orthopedic injuries and movement dysfunctions. Many seniors are requiring a sports medicine approach to rehabilitation so they can effectively return to their activities. Are we delivering a safe pathway for them to reach their functional goals?

This evidence-based Geriatric Fractures and Joint Replacements course will assist the therapist in the development of efficient and effective rehabilitation programs for common lower extremity geriatric dysfunction utilizing the best available evidence in conjunction with sound application of kinetic chain movement analysis. This will allow the participant to problem solve both simple and complex movement dysfunction and design and progress conservative and post-operative rehabilitation programs.

Rehab clinical tools instructed in this concussion continuing education course to enhance your functional outcomes.

  • Pelvis, hip and knee fractures, joint replacements and osteoarthritis are now making up a significant portion of a therapist’s case load
  • Factors that determine the choice of orthopedic procedures, prosthetic design, and fixation choices
  • Some patients receive a total hip replacement following a hip fracture while others receive various open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) surgeries
  • Pathology, specific diagnoses including intracapsular versus extracapsular femoral neck fractures
  • Post-surgical complications, solutions and outcomes
  • Manual therapy approach utilizing joint mobilization, neuro-muscular facilitation and movement re-education

Specific instruction that will enhance your understanding and ability to deliver better patient care.

  • Integrate the core when facilitating lower extremity function
  • Management strategies for Motor control, specific movement analysis of gait mechanics, bridge mechanics, and squatting.

Features unique to this Geriatric Fractures and Joint Replacements course

  • Recognize the latest surgical advances in joint replacement surgery, total versus partial or hemi- replacement, joint resurfacing, tissue sparring, minimally invasive technique.
  • Describe the relevant anatomy and biomechanics of the kinetic chain for the pelvis, hip and knee.
  • Identify how the underlying pathology dictates choice of orthopedic procedure, joint replacement prosthetic design and fixation choices, rehabilitation program design, and typical functional outcomes achieved.
  • Identify and utilize orthopedic healing principles and radiographic evidence as it relates to post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Describe common orthopedic hardware used in open reduction internal fixation surgery and weight bearing implications.
  • Discuss the latest evidence on the use of CPM and NMES.
  • Develop and prescribe effective rehabilitation programs utilizing functional exercises that consider proprioceptive input, reflexive stabilization, and tendon healing timelines the latest orthopedic surgeries.
  • Perform basic joint mobilization of the hip and knee following standard principles.
  • Perform a kinetic chain assessment and incorporate findings into therapy prescriptions including corrective exercises and manual activities.

Professional Accreditation

This is an intermediate level course applicable for PT, PTA, OT, AT. Physical Therapy Accreditation: For specific state information, use the accreditation verification menu and select your state of license. AOTA: provider #4487, Occupational therapy professional development activity: Occupational Therapy Service Delivery, evaluation and intervention, and Foundation Knowledge: human body, development, and behavior. Athletic Trainers: BOC provider #P2047, category A. This course has not been submitted for Evidence-Based BOC approval.

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Course Dates

December 5, 2020

8.5 hours of CE credit

Interactive Webinar

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time,

Tuition: $ 450.00

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