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Current Concussion Evaluation and Treatment Approaches


A concussion is a complex physiological process. A successful rehabilitation program provides a progressive, healing environment that promotes the improvement of functional and cognitive ability. Clinicians must be skilled in differentiating the results of special tests in order to identify the underlying mechanism of the dysfunction and develop an appropriate, individualized rehab program. This course provides you with the essential tools to properly evaluate and treat a concussion patient and develop effective rehab programs to improve function and overall quality of life.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Vestibular Rehabilitation - Evaluation and Treatment


Have you ever met a therapist who displayed such a tremendous amount of skill in one particular area of rehabilitation? If not this just may be your first encounter with such a person. Barry Morgan , PT takes you on a educational journey into vestibular rehab. He demonstrates clinical evaluation tests and treatments while providing pearls of clinical wisdom.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


The Biomechanics of Running: Everything is Connected in the Kinetic Chain


The Biomechanics of Running takes the participant through a methodical analysis and treatment of a runner. Instructor Keith Christianssen incorporates his expertise into a comprehensive and systematic approach to identify and treat dysfunctions that can lead to a faulty running gait. Keith demonstrates each component of the comprehensive examination, which includes postural analysis, joint mobility, range of motion, manual muscle testing and tissue extensibility.

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North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Geriatric Fractures and Joint Replacements


Mobility is one of the most important factors when dealing with post-op fracture repair. Understanding the mechanisms of injury, surgical procedures and healing process will provide you with the ability to develop an appropriate progressive rehab program. Learn the essentials in this course to enhance, mobility, proprioception, motor skills and overall functional ability.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Running Injuries - Examination, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Interventions


This comprehensive, evidence-based and interactive course combines running biomechanics, exercise physiology, and orthopedic and sports physical therapy principles in order to formulate an easy-to-understand evaluation and treatment approach that can be immediately utilized with your patients and clients. The lecture sessions lay the foundation for understanding running mechanics and present the latest evidence on treating running injuries. The laboratory sessions will teach you the fundamentals of evaluating an injured runner, performing a 2-D running gait assessment, and incorporating the latest evidence-based treatment technique. This course highlights the emerging science of running gait retraining and provides in-depth pointers on how to best implement these techniques with your patients and clients.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Acute Care Rehab


This two-day, intermediate level course will provide the clinician with the tools necessary to make appropriate decisions in the ICU and acute care environments. The core principles are introduced so that clinician can acquire specific information on a variety of topics in order to effectively manage and progress patients with varying degrees of involvement. Specific details on how to work with tubes, lines, and other medical equipment will enhance the clinician’s ability to feel confident. Tools such as the ABCDEF bundles and other evidence-based assessment and treatment tools will be reviewed and utilized in lab sessions. In addition, clinicians will also learn proper management strategies for the cardiac and pulmonary patient and hands on techniques to improve function.