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healthclick delivers Occupation Therapy and Physical Therapy Continuing Education to practitioners and organizations to facilitate better care and improved outcomes for patients.

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New Interactive Webinars - Evidence Based Continuing Education Courses Filmed in Studio Quality with Interactive Instructor Sessions

Do you really want to sit in a webinar for more than a few hours at a time?

Our format provides one year access to the studio-filmed online course, downloadable manual, real patient case studies, 3D animation, in addition to the interactive webinar experience. This format is unique to healthclick. Come to the webinar with your questions, patient case studies, and maximize your time with the instructor.

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Top Rated Evidence Based Continuing Education
Special Topics - Evidence Based Continuing Education
Neurologic Related Evidence Based Continuing Education
Orthopedic Related Evidence Based Continuing Education
A physical therapist using orthopedic taping techniques to improve shoulder function in a patient

Price: $59.00 CE Hours: 3.5 hrs, .35 CEU Online

The Science of Taping: Determining Effective Techniques for Specific Diagnoses


A physical therapist conducting a vestibular evaluation of a patient and explaining th efunction of the vestibular system

Price: $175.00 CE Hours: 10.0 hrs, 1.0 CEU Online

Vestibular Rehabilitation - Evaluation and Treatment


A doctor kneeling creating a foot cast impression for a patient sitting in a chair

Price: $175.00 CE Hours: 12.0 hrs, 1.2 CEU Online

Examination and Treatment of the Foot and Ankle


A 3D cut away of the anatomy of the cervical spine from the side

Price: $175.00 CE Hours: 10.0 hrs, 1.0 CEU Online

Clinical Examination and Treatment of the Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine


A human heart showing EKG patterns and heart rhythm with instruction on proper interpretation.

Price: $175.00 CE Hours: 10.0 hrs, 1.0 CEU Online

Acute Care Rehabilitation


a hip joint anatomy showing skeletal structure of an elderly patient indicating the rehab assocaited with older patient fractures and joint replacement


Geriatric Fractures and Joint Replacements

December 5, 2020 - December 5, 2020
presented at Interactive Webinar 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time,

therapist performing myofascial techniques on the spine of a female patient with detail of the anatomical structures including muscle and soft tissue


Myofascial Release and Soft Tissue Techniques to Improve Functional Outcomes and Reduce Pain

January 16, 2021 - January 16, 2021
presented at Interactive Online Session 10 AM to 1 PM Saturday, Central Time

a female athlete with a sports related concussion with anatomical views of the brain and the area of impact


Sports Concussions An Evidence Based Course Designed to Maximize Results

February 6, 2021 - February 6, 2021
presented at Interactive Online Session 8 AM to 11:30 AM Saturday, Central Time

The Complete Healthclick Education Solution - Occupation Therapy and Physical Continuing Education

Healthclick delivers evidence based continuing education to healthcare practitioners and healthcare organizations in order to facilitate better care and improved outcomes for patients.



Focus your Team

Healthclick’s in-depth courses will get your team on the same page, focused on the latest evidence-based information to achieve your specific clinical objectives.


Custom Online | Live Occupation Therapy and Physical Therapy Continuing Education

We have over 25 years of experience creating medical education material for multidisciplinary teams and can assist you in customizing any topic to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for a consultation.


Save Time

Combine online, live stream, and in-person hands-on training to facilitate the most effective training solution that meets the individual needs of your team members.


Maximize Revenue

We work within your budget to deliver the highest quality course, specific to your team’s requirements.

The Healthclick Difference - Occupation Therapy and Physical Therapy Continuing Education

  • Master specific evaluation, assessment, and treatment techniques with each comprehensive occupational therapy and physical therapy continuing education courses.
  • A higher quality, experienced educator, many of our educators have researched and published the techniques therapists use every day
  • Our courses, enhanced with images, animations, and illustrations created by our team of engineers, artists, and filmmakers, bring understanding to complex medical concepts.
  • In addition to the primary educator, our occupational therapy and physical therapy online continuing education courses feature presentations from other top medical professionals within the multidisciplinary team.
  • Our video occupational therapy and physical therapy continuing education courses are filmed with studio-quality (clinics and studio, not a live course that was filmed) with a focus on the online learner.
  • Case study presentations enhance the clinical and didactic information and enable the learner to apply the knowledge to their specific patient situations.
  • We continually update our current courses with new evidence-based material and add timely new topics that benefit the medical professional.
  • Healthclick, for 25 years, has been a veteran, family-owned business. Each course represents our passion and quality to educate the medical professional to enhance the care of patients.

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Stroke - Cognitive Function


Running - Joint Mobility


Acute Care - Immobility


Concussions - MRI Diagnostics

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